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A Christian icebreaker game that is fun and teaches adult players something about the members of the group, Autographs takes a bit of preparation. Once you have your sheet created, you can use it multiple times. Sep 29,  · Whether it’s a weekend retreat, weekly Bible group meeting, or new-faith membership class, it is essential for the group to break the ice. A friendly, light-hearted game will help people relax and get to know each other before the meeting. There are a few ice-breaker games that would work well in a Christian setting. Complete the Sentence Games.

Nov 24,  · As Christian icebreakers for kids, teens, or adults go, this game is a fantastic way to verify your group’s knowledge, boost their imagination, and allow each member to express their deepest thoughts and feelings towards some of the most crucial Biblical events. 6. The icebreaker question and resulting life-sharing time is critical because it helps the group "level the playing field" and warms people's hearts and minds to discuss God's truth. If we can't make.

Apr 20,  · 4 GAMES TO USE FOR ICEBREAKERS FOR ONLINE GROUPS: Two Lies and A Truth This is a twist on a classic game that challenges your group to be a bit more creative. Ask everyone to share three interesting things about themselves. (I collect model trains, I have been to Italy, I enjoy stand-up comedy). Two must be lies and one must be true. Dec 15,  · Having thought-provoking, deep icebreaker questions strengthens bonds among Christian women who already know one another. So many times, we think of icebreakers as being silly games. In fact, we have quite a few icebreaker games here on the Loving Christ site. Funny icebreaker games help bring together women who may not know each other well.