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Help adult students learn about well-known individuals in class by using a variation of the guessing game. For example, if you are in an arts class and need to remember artists and styles of work, a guessing game will allow students to interact and learn important facts about the artists being studied in class. Classroom games can be useful for any level of learning, even adult. Alex Case, a writer for the Using English website, presents 11 good reasons to use games in an adult classroom, ranging from creating more drilling practice as well as improving memory and simply to have fun.

Vocabulary-building games for adult ESL students often center on memorization. Here is a sample memorization game: Make a set of pairs of cards. Each pair should include a word that the students already know and a more advanced synonym, and each card should include a . Nov 30,  · Game-Based Learning And Adult Learning Styles Defining how the way we study matters, through 3 adult learning styles; auditory, kinesthetic, and visual learning. Here is what happens when we bring game-based learning and adult learning styles together.

The Classroom is a free reflex game. Move about the classroom and copy the quiz from the geek but avoid the teacher.