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Nov 12,  · In most cases, a genital rash is a symptom of another disorder. A genital rash typically refers to a spread of bumps, lesions, or irregular patches of skin on the genitals. Understanding the causes. Sep 05,  · A genital rash is a skin symptom that can be caused by a number of health problems and can occur on any part of the male or female genital area. Rashes are normally reddish in color, may be painful Author: Mary Ellen Ellis.

Aug 13,  · children are more likely than adults to experience a rash round, bright red rash on the cheeks lacy-patterned rash on the arms, legs, and upper body that might be more visible after a hot shower or. May 19,  · skin irritation from trapped heat and moisture. skin barrier damage from chafing or rubbing. inflammation caused by the ammonia in trapped urine or the enzymes in stools, which damage skin tissues Author: Jennifer Huizen.

Sep 29,  · Diaper rash can affect anyone wearing diapers or incontinence briefs, including adults, babies, and toddlers. Symptoms in adults are the same as symptoms seen in babies and toddlers, and may. Jan 24,  · A butt rash is common in babies, but adults can get them too. They have many causes, and sometimes the rash is accompanied by an itchy or painful feeling. Treatment depends on the type of rash.

Do you have a rash that's itchy and red? See if your symptoms match one of these nine common irritations that women get from shaving, jewelry and clothing. Facial rashes can be caused by a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including infection, inflammation, allergic reaction, and autoimmune processes. A sudden or acute facial rash may be due to an allergic reaction or sensitivity to a particular substance, such as a facial moisturizer, food, or medication.