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Dec 07,  · In adult onset cases, an immune suppressing disease occurring later in life is responsible for the sudden appearance of demodicosis. These cases are . Feb 15,  · Medical records of 41 dogs with adult-onset generalized demodicosis diagnosed between 19were reviewed. Of the 41 dogs, 8 had hyperadrenocorticism, 5 were suspected or confirmed to have hypothyroidism, 10 had allergic disease and had been treated with corticosteroids, and 6 were receiving chemotherapy because of a neoplastic or Cited by:

Two age‐related presentations of demodicosis are also recognised: “juvenile‐onset” demodicosis, usually first manifesting in puppyhood or young adulthood (3 to 18 months), and adult‐onset demodicosis, usually first manifesting after 4 years of age (Miller et al. ).Cited by: 3. Demodicosis can be further subdivided based on age of onset: juvenile-onset (onset of symptoms under age 18 months) or adult-onset. The localized form resolves spontaneously in most cases and treatment does not appear to accelerate the healing process.

Dec 17,  · Adult onset demodicosis, usually develops because of a systemic disorder/disease or recent treatment with corticosteroids. A thorough physical examination, laboratory tests and possible x-rays and abdominal ultrasound are performed initially to assess for any underlying disorders. Sep 03,  · Adult-onset demodicosis is usually associated with underlying immunosuppression and, in this case, the long-term use of glucocorticoids to control pruritus was very likely to be the cause. Additionally, the chronic respiratory disease and secondary pyoderma would have lead to further immunosuppression.