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adult tiger barb - Hairy naked Barb at Training Gym

Tiger Barbs (scientific names: Puntigrus tetrazona or Barbus tetrazona) are feisty little fish brimming with personality. Revered for their stunning coloration, Tiger Barbs are one of the most popular freshwater species around. They’re imported in large numbers and extensively bred in captivity, making them an accessible fish for any aquarists. Jul 14,  · Albino Tiger Barb Tiger Barbs are quite small and only grow to around inches long. They are shaped like barbs or spear points with pointed triangular snouts and wide flared bodies. Females are slightly larger than males with rounder bodies and duller colors, while males are more streamlined and have more striking colors and patterns.

May 14,  · The Tiger Barb has black bands that run vertically on an orange/gold body. There are also a few different varieties such as the Albino and the Green. Stocking this species in a community tank can be risky. This barb is a very active tropical fish that has a . Breeding & Spawning: The Tiger Barb is moderately easy to breed and raising the fry is relatively simple. They become sexually mature at about 6 to 7 weeks of age when they have attained a size between about 3/4 of an inch to just over an inch in length.

Tiger Barb Dropsy Dropsy is a disease that causes fish to retain water as a result of a bacterial infection that ends up compromising the kidney function of your fish. The disease is unfortunately fatal to fish because as soon as symptoms appear, it may be already too late for your fish. What causes tiger barb .