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adult volleyball seatle - Volleyball ass

VOLLEYBALL SEATTLE AE A/E ARCHITECTS/ENGINEERS LEAGUE GREENLAKE VOLLEYBALL VBALL Waiver Form for all Players in the Adult A/E Leagues: Waiver Form (all players including subs must do the waiver prior to playing). Volleyball; Drop-In Basketball; Track and Field; Lawn Bowling; Softball Leagues. Seattle Parks and Recreation offers the best quality leagues in the city. Adult players and teams can choose from 25 different leagues, including co-ed, men's and women's leagues. Let's play ball! Registration for returning teams begins Monday, February 1,

Aug 21,  · Adult Coed Volleyball will use a regulation size ball. (NOTE: Colored balls may be used. 1/3 of the ball must be white, it cannot be more than 3 colors, and there may not be any logos or designs on the ball other than the manufacturers. • The net height shall be 7'6". • No jewelry, barrettes, beads, or bandanas may be worn while playing. 44 rows · Seattle Pacific University 3rd Ave W: Howie Kellogg A/B: sixes coed: .