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Protecting workers from lead exposure | May | Safety. Today, adults are mainly exposed to lead by breathing in lead-containing dust and fumes at work, or from hobbies that involve lead. Lead passes through the lungs into the blood where it can harm many .

Adult Occupational Exposure to Lead Inhalation of dust and fumes, and ingestion resulting from contact with lead-contaminated food, cigarettes, clothing, or other objects, are the major routes of . Lead exposure is arguably the oldest known occupational health hazard. It is a particularly insidious hazard with the potential for causing irreversible health effects, including hypotension, Cited by:

Jun 18,  · Medical Guidelines for the Lead-Exposed Worker. California Department of Public Health. pdf icon external icon (PDF KB, 12 Pages) Recommendations for Medical Management of Adult Lead Exposure. external icon; Medical Management Guidelines for Lead-Exposed Adults. Lead dust is produced when lead metal is cut or when lead-based paint is cut, sanded, chipped, scraped, or crushed. Workers may be exposed to lead during the removal, renovation, or demolition of structures painted with lead-based paints. Workers also may be exposed during installation, maintenance, or demolition of lead.

Apr 23,  · Test workplace air for lead and test blood-lead levels in workers. Inform workers if their job involves exposure to lead, and provide proper training if that is the case. Establish controls for lead dust and fumes in the workplace. . When most people talk about lead dust poisoning, they emphasize the stunning number of children — , children younger than 6 — who are diagnosed with lead poisoning each year. But adults can be poisoned, too. The problem is that adults aren’t screened for lead poisoning, and most have no idea that their ailments are caused by exposure to lead dust.