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Product Description The Bianco is a “Design-it-Yourself” adult diaper! Be a ninja, princess, graffiti artist or just enjoy the look and feel of a classic white diaper. Our Bianco diaper has an extra wide core in the wings allowing for maximum absorbency for those side sleepers.5/5(1). join our rewards program. Earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Redeem starting at points for $5 off. Get bonus points for just signing up!

Adult diapers help protect skin from irritation while reducing odor and leakage. The thick and absorbent disposable underwear helps to meet the needs of women who experience occasional or frequent incontinence, as well as postpartum women experiencing heavily increased menstrual flow. Aug 09,  · The diaper leaves plenty of room for defecation if you use the diaper to poop in or have bowel incontinence. The seat of the diaper definitely allows for that which is a nice feature that not all adult diapers possess. Comfort: The Bambino Teddy Diaper has about the same comfortable feeling as all the other Bambino Diapers. The only thing that has really changed is the addition of more polymer .

Product description This is an 8-unit pack of Bambino diapers. These diapers are some of the thickest and most absorbent adult diapers available, complete with cool designs on the front. These diapers have been recently revamped with a 2nd layer of SAP in the back/center area, so they are more absorbent than ever before. May 11,  · The Bambino Bianco is an all-white version of this diaper. At the time of the Bianco's release, it was actually somewhat novel to release an all-white "premium" capacity adult diaper, as nearly all premium medical diapers include some form of print with at least the manufacturer's branding and frequently some form of wetness indicator.

Apr 10,  · I did contact Bambino Diapers with my last purchase for two reason, One was to complain about the Teddy Diapers they sell. The tapes on those never hold, the second reason was to let them know that they should explore the idea of making a brand of diapers that look like the ones that look like jeans, I thought those were cute and as an adult. Mar 27,  · I use diapers from adult cloth diaper – day and night weights. I’m very slender but wide hips. My thighs are slender which allows me to wear standard pre-folds without affecting my walk. The bulk between my legs works well to absorb wetness. My skin irritation is mostly in .