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A Guide to Swing Sets for Parents and Educators. Swing sets are a crucial addition to any school, residential, or commercial playground. Swings are the most basic and beloved piece of playground equipment out of many, with options that are suitable for toddlers, infants, children, and even can also be made inclusive and handicap-accessible, since all . Apr 10,  · Commercial Use Note: If you are going to use the Metal Swing Set in a commercial environment, such as a church, park, or school, then you may need to purchase a commercial rated swing seat as per local codes. Use of a Residential Swing Set seats/swings in a commercial environment will void the warranty with all manufacturers.

Apr 10,  · You also have your choice of belt and chain color on all metal swing sets. The swing beam height on these swing sets is 10 feet. Spacing between the legs, front to back on the 10' tall Residential swing set is "; Spacing between the legs, front to back on the 10' tall Commercial swing set is ". Each swing is rated for lbs.