Creative use of bottle and dildo - creative gifted adults iq test


creative gifted adults iq test - Creative use of bottle and dildo

Jun 07,  · Genius!! You got 10/10!! People who score this high are highly gifted. Your IQ range is As a highly gifted individual, you have personality traits that set you apart from % of the population. You tend to have unusual, original ideas. You easily connect seemingly unrelated notions. You have a superior ability to reason. We gave this basic IQ test to 50 American adults and only 4 got 7/10 or more. You’re intuitive, well-read, and highly insightful. You develop your own methods of learning and have a sharp understanding of the complex. Your I.Q. range is evident .

Throughout the gifted thinker IQ quiz, we are going to put all the different sides of your mind to the test. We want to take a holistic approach to finding out the kind of intelligence you use the most during your work hours and your hours at home. It's great to be smart, but being a locked in your brain often results in complete burnout. Careful, the following quiz isn't made for everybody! Test your brain with the following 15 questions and compete with your friends!