Scarlett Fever makes you wonder what is the real orgasm? - what is eros symbol


what is eros symbol - Scarlett Fever makes you wonder what is the real orgasm?

However, his most famous symbol is the bow and quiver. With his arrows, Eros was able to cause undying passion and love in anybody he shot. He had two main types of arrows – golden arrows that caused a someone to fall in love with the first person they laid eyes on, and lead arrows that made a person immune to love and despise a person. Eros Profile & Fact File Greek Name: Eros. Role & Function: His function is described as being the god of love, passion and beauty. Status: Son of Ares and Aphrodite, and occasionally included amongst the names of the Olympians. Symbols: Bow and arrow and lyre.

Oct 04,  · Your eros sign shows you what your most erotic turn ons are. In modern astrology, your Eros sign just means the sign that Eros, the asteroid, is placed in in an individuals birth chart. Not all Author: Rosey Baker. Eros is a asteroid or "Minor Planet" but is by no means minor in its power of expression in the natal chart of an individual. In some accounts, Eros is equipped with two distinct kinds of arrows. The ones dipped in gold causes the victim to fall madly in love and the ones dipped in lead cause a vial repulsion.

The glyph, or symbol, for Eros quite fittingly depicts a heart with an arrow through it, as Eros was Cupid in Roman mythology.