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Oct 15,  · Though most condoms contain latex, there are a few alternatives made from plastic, synthetic rubber or other natural products. Jun 28,  · Polyurethane is a popular latex condom alternative. It is made from a special type of synthetic plastic which is clear in color and has a texture similar to cling wrap. This condom has a noticeably different feel than latex and offers a safe alternative for anyone with a latex allergy.

Jan 12,  · The polyurethane condom is the more popular latex condom alternative. This one is made from special plastic and works two ways – prevent pregnancy and reduce instances of STD. The polyurethane used in this condom is much thinner than latex and is less elastic. It is not as form-fitting but works just as well. Sep 24,  · Synthetic alternatives. This includes polyisoprene, polyurethane, or polyethylene condoms, most of which are on this list and protect against both pregnancy AND STIs. Mainstream latex condom brands.

Feb 10,  · SKYN condoms from LifeStyles are the all-around best alternative to latex condoms for a few reasons. Made from polysioprene, they are technically latex, except because the material is lab-made, all Author: Shayna Murphy. Alternatives to Latex Condoms Condoms are one of the most common types of birth control and STI protection on the market. A condom is a thin sheath that fits over the erect penis. There are currently three types of male condoms available other than the latex variety.

Apr 30,  · FC2 Female Condoms While not the most popular option, the FC2 Female Condom is an alternative to traditional birth control methods in many ways — including latex. The product is not only Author: Andrea Albin. Jan 12,  · Polyurethane condoms are considered a good alternative to standard latex condoms. As the name implies, these condoms are made from a material known as polyurethane, a material that is known to be strong, as well as thin at the same time.