German Escort takes it in the ass - b 17 and german escort


b 17 and german escort - German Escort takes it in the ass

B Flying Fortress An example of such a rare act happened during a battle over Bremen, Northern Germany, during World War II. It involved a German pilot, Franz Stigler, whose action – or, rather, inaction – was responsible for saving a man’s life as well as earning himself a lifelong friend. Jan 21,  · Franz Stigler escorted the B bomber from German radar by flying close to it. The German fighter pilot tried to persuade the B bomber pilot to land the bomber in Germany. Author: Karthick Nambi.

The escort fighters weaved or orbited so that they could stay in touch with the slower bombers with pilots constatly scanning the skies for “bandits”. Although mirrors were fitted to cockpits, good fighter pilots were nicknamed “swivel heads” because they had to keep looking all around them at all times. B with fighter . He realized to his astonishment that the German fighter was flying escort on the B As they crossed the coastline and flew out over the North Sea the fighter remained on station. Only when they were well out from the German coast did the fighter slide in again, close to the bomber.

20th December Damaged B spared by German Me pilot The German pilot nodded but Pinky and I were in a state of shock and did not return the greeting. Although the German pilot appeared relaxed, I was most uncomfortable and felt that at any time he would unleash some type of new German weapon to destroy us and our aircraft. Luftwaffe pilot Franz Stigler had the opportunity to shoot down the crippled bomber but did not do so, and instead escorted it over and past German-occupied territory so as to protect it. After an extensive search by Brown, the two pilots met each other 50 years later and developed a friendship that lasted until Stigler's death in March This allowed all B gunners to protect each other from virtually all angles increasing the survivability of the entire squadron. This was also known as the “flying porcupine” of which the Germans did a training diagram of below. In this formation, diving .