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Vitamin B12 Benefits For Skin and Hair That You Must be. Despite the smallest requirement, B12 is used by every cell in the body – from your DNA to how happy you feel. And of course, it also helps maintains the hair colour and promotes hair .

According to Lisa Drayer, registered dietician and author of the book “The Beauty Diet,” vitamin B12 promotes healthy hair growth by helping in the formation of red blood cells 2. At the base . A deficiency of vitamin B12 may mean difficulties in DNA formation or cell replication. The human hair follicles require this vitamin so that they can replicate properly and grow hair effectively.

Apr 06,  · Vitamin B12 is the best nourisher for your hair also. It works on all the body cells which also include follicles. This helps in healthy hair growth. You can also use the supplements of Vitamin B12 for healthy and strong hair. 2. Prevents Premature Hair Loss. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 leads to premature hair loss. It increases the loss .