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Jan 02,  · Join Dick and Dom in the Absolute Genius Smash Bang Boom game. Discover amazing inventions like water jet packs and dynamite to smash, crash and blast your way through the exciting levels. Dick 'N' Dom Let Rip Diddy Edition! Diddy Movies Quick play ; Dick 'N' Dom Let Rip! Dick and Dom's Funny Business Quick play ; Dick and Dom's Hoopla! Game Dick and Dom's Hoopla! Quick play ; Diving Championships Sports Village ; Dog's Dinner CBBC Office Quick play ; Driving Academy Game Driving Academy Quick play ; Ducky Bounce Bear Behaving.

Children's sitcom. Daft Princes Dick and Dom embark upon a formidable quest, having been banished from the kingdom of Fyredor. Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow is a CBBC entertainment television series presented by the duo Dick and Dom (Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood).The series was broadcast on weekend mornings on various BBC television channels for five series, running between 31 August and 11 March Presented by: Richard McCourt, Dominic Wood.

Perhaps the most well-known game that the duo, real names Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, played was charmingly entitled Bogies, which has been brought back for a special outing over 12 years after the last episode aired on BBC2. This occasion sees Dick & Dom rush around London while shouting their catchphrase at ever-higher volumes, disturbing innocent tourists . Several well-known faces from CBBC have played guest parts in The Legend of Dick and Dom. These include Kate Edmondson (Hider in the House), Ted Robbins (The Slammer), Dave Chapman (Dick and Dom in da Bungalow) and Ian Kirkby (Dick and Dom in da Bungalow and Harry Batt). Kirkby and Chapman have semi-regular roles throughout the series (see below).

Dick and Dom are a British comedy double act consisting of the presenters Richard "Dick" McCourt and Dominic "Dom" Wood. They are primarily known for presenting 'the broom cupboard' presentation links on Children's BBC in the s and early s, before moving onto the double BAFTA Award winning Dick and Dom in da Bungalow, a children's entertainment show that was live during weekend mornings on BBC One, CBBC and later BBC .