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Apr 21,  · Cocked and locked with a clipdraw in your waist would be the height of stupidity for a carrier. I'd sure like to know the details of that pro football player who shot himself in the leg in the bar and who is now in prison. The courts didnt think too . Mar 10,  · The EC9s is in my defensive carry rotation. I think the EC was a great value for the money, is % reliable, fairly accurate, and the Clipdraw is the best way to carry it I have found. I feel safe carying it with one in the chamber, safety on, the striker equivalent of cocked & locked.

Oct 19,  · The Clipdraw has been around for many years. I still have one for the but have not used it for a long time. I have nothing negative to report about it. It is exactly what it looks like. A very minimalist way to carry a pistol. I carried a Smith & Wesson SC for 10+years cocked and locked and never felt unsafe. We don’t recommend Clipdraw for OWB style of carry. The Clip would do its job and the gun would not fall to the ground. However, as you walk, run, jump, etc the natural weight of the gun will cause it to swing and cant on you while you do any activity. In addition to the clip itself, we use the natural friction created between your body and.

Apr 14,  · I tried a clip draw years ago on a Commander and found it a nightmare. The pistol was heavy enough that the clip could not hold it in place. Also, the first problem to become evident is the danger of the safety rubbing off leaving you with a cocked and UNlocked I don't think I ever loaded the pistol while the device was installed. Dec 17,  · *Many people carry type firearms "cocked and locked". Consistent training and/or competition will make disengaging this type safety a reflexive/muscle memory action. Some people can adapt will to several different type of firearms with very different control locations and operation - but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Mar 13,  · I have the MIC holster thought about the clipdraw as extra precaution against the gun slipping, the only problem I've ever had with the mic is slipping in my waistband on chilly mornings, man those slides can get cold. Olderguns, Jan . When the gun is cocked and locked, the sear is blocked from releasing the hammer. Further, unless a firing grip is on the pistol, thumb safety swept off, and the trigger is pulled, the gun will not go off. For my money, this is much safer than a Glock or some of the other new pistol designs which have no external safety.