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Apr 27,  · Polyurethane is basically a type of plastic. True, that doesn’t sound comfortable in a condom (or any barrier, for that matter). On the contrary, polyurethane condoms . Jan 12,  · Polyurethane condoms are considered a good alternative to standard latex condoms. As the name implies, these condoms are made from a material known as polyurethane, a material that is known to be strong, as well as thin at the same time.

Durex Avanti is the world's first polyurethane male condom. Durex® Avanti® condoms are made from a technologically advanced unique non-latex material IDEAL FOR LATEX SENSITIVE PEOPLE. This material can be made THINNER THAN LATEX, providing enhanced sensitivity and comfort/5(5). Polyurethane condoms are a type of male condom that is made from polyurethane — which is a type of thin, clear plastic. It has the advantages to use polyurethane condom: PU condom not contain casein, people who’re latex allergic can use it -PU condom very .

Polyurethane condoms go through the same rigorous testing as all condoms and meet the FDA’s safety standards and ISO If you have are allergic or sensitive to latex material, polyurethane offer you a great alternative to latex condoms. Many couples prefer to use these condoms and are extremely satisfied with them. Ultra-thin Waterborne Polyurethane Condoms with the /mm thick, about 1//5 of latex condom, equivalent to the thickness of a soap bubble.. Fast heat conduct: Fast heat conduct improving the body temperature transmission. Skin-fitting: Soft, fine and smooth Waterborne polyurethane material enabling direct skin contact experience.

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