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Hot, thick and sticky cum filled Goku's mouth, stomach and poured out of the corners of her mouth, staining the ground and her blue-covered breasts, Goku only giving out a lewd gurgle as a response. Finally letting her go after a minute, Gohan collapsed into a boneless heap, and his mother pulled back, letting his cock escape her mouth with a. Jun 23,  · Goku gripped the teen's jeans with one hand and tore them easily from the kid, along with his boxers. His huge dick was now pouring out precum like a fountain, covering Gohan completely, and forming a puddle beneath the boy of muddy cock slime in the grass.

Chi-Chi gasped at the violent pressure, and screamed out as her body became locked into place. She felt strings of her child's cum poke through the rupture, triggered by the quick punch of her cunt. "GOHAN! NOOOOOO!" Gohan couldn't hold back any longer, and released Goten into Chi-Chi. Gohan was relaxing on the living room sofa in a white groom outfit with a red tie, enjoying his honeymoon with his wife: his mother. Chi-Chi was wearing her beautiful wedding gown that she had worn when she married Goku way back then, and was at this moment kneeling down so that her gloved hands could stroke her son's penis.

Jul 26,  · So, Goku's belief that Gohan is the only person that can beat Cell is actually true. However, if Goku had let Gohan fight a weakened Cell, he might have never achieved Super Saiyan 2. This could have negative repercussions in the future. 8 Idiot: Showing Raditz Mercy. Goku drew back slightly, both he and Vegeta - who was sitting beside the bed in his chair - staring at her, wide eyed. They can't believe that Bulma of all people would go there. "And you're afraid that Gohan and Goten will end up just like you." Bulma continued. "A monster that can only hide in the woods." "That's enough." Goku growled.

May 29,  · Songs used: 8 bit version of Chouzetsu Dynamic made by the AWESOME artist The Voyagr, link for his soundcloud so you. He’s been through a lot, but he was always a strong one, my Gohan.” So his name is Gohan, Piccolo thought. “You could engage in the extra responsibilities on a probation period, and if you don’t like it--".