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One even said only older woman can ejaculate and teens can only pee, I'm here to tell you that is BS. Woman are different from men, men ejaculate and that's it, but women have multiple forms of orgasms. What you did is called squirting, it is not pee. Florian Wimpissinger at Rudolfstiftung Hospital in Vienna, Austria, suggests that the presence of PSA in some women’s squirted fluid and not others might be because the emissions from the Skene.

An unexpected bit of news swept through some British newspapers last month, as outlets focused on the rise of “Pee-Gasm.” According to multiple outlets, women reported delaying urination in order. We still don’t have a firm answer on whether female ejaculate is pee; some studies say it’s something else, while others have been done saying that yep, it’s totally pee.

UTIs occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract, usually through your urethra, and travels to your bladder. If you have a vagina, your urethra — the opening where urine is released — is close to. "Some feel it's just urine, while others say the fluid has a different chemical makeup," says Dweck. It's true: Some experts think the fluid comes from the Skene’s glands (tiny glands surrounding.

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