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Moved Permanently. openresty. May 15,  · Kongregate free online game Amateur Surgeon - Pizza delivery boy Alan Probe’s a regular guy with a big dream: to become a surgeon. One fatef. Play Amateur Surgeon/5(K).

Sep 13,  · Amateur Surgeon from Adult Swim puts your wildest surgery fantasies in the palm of your unwashed, unqualified hand. Use precision instruments such as a pizza cutter, salad tongs, stapler, and car battery to hack your way through thirty different procedures and be the surgeon that your parents always knew you would never become. Grab your trusty pizza cutter or chainsaw and perform surgery on over patients in Amateur Surgeon 4. The pioneer of amateur surgery, Dr Bleed, is .

Amateur Surgeon is a series of medical based action puzzle games on Adult xvibrator.xyz (or to put it simply, Trauma Center with idiots). The series centers around former pizza boy Alan Probe and his life after discovering the world of surgery, by accidentally running over his would-be mentor, Dr. Ignacious Bleed. The games provide plenty of examples of morbid, gross-out . Last week, Adult Swim graced iOS gamers with its newest game offering, Amateur Surgeon 4. While the game is a somewhat of a re-master of the three original games, it brings with it challenging and gruesome levels, featuring a number of .

May 14,  · This is our game, Amateur Surgeon. Where you perform complex medical procedures on shady individuals with everyday household tools in an impromptu back-alley operating room. Make incisions with your pizza cutter, remove debris with salad tongs, stitch 'em up with a stapler--you get the idea/10().