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Sep 15,  · A movie producer is an individual responsible for organizing all aspects of a film's production, from raising funds to finding a distributor. They are important people to know for those looking to work on a production or looking to have their work produced. However, they are difficult to contact due to their busy schedules and their selectivity. In response to COVID's impact on the production industry, ProductionHUB is taking steps to help freelancers and businesses pivot and plan for the future. Please visit our COVID page for updates, related blog content, tips and links to resources to help you through this time.

Below are links to television and movie producers' websites. At these sites you can obtain more information about the company, such as contact information and what types of movies that company produces. Be sure to obtain guidelines before submitting, because many producers will not accept unsolicited queries and/or scripts. A24 Films A&E. Jan 31,  · James is a Producer who has been involved in UK, US and Canadian film productions. His passion for film began at a very young age and drives the choices he makes and the films he gets involved in. Over the last 3 years in Canada, James has collaborated with multiple production companies &.

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