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Astrid smiled wickedly opening her mouth wide for him. "That's a good boy. Give your girl her medicine. Your thick, hot " "OH GODS!" Her words lit his innards ablaze, making him almost instantly fire the first large stream of cum directly onto her tongue. Astrid . Hiccup hissed in pleasure as Astrid stuffed the head of his member into her warm, wet mouth. It was a wonderfully tight fit with Astrid's tongue working him. The fact that his gorgeous wife was so eager to please him in this way was just so words couldn't describe it.

Opening my muzzle as I move my head forward, I take Astrid's feet into my mouth before I moan as I suck on her cum coated feet. Hiccup and Astrid tossed their clothes back and forth towards each other, scurrying to get dressed. Astrid was surprised that Hiccup was able to get dressed with just one foot. She figured it must've been something he had grown well .

Astrid said still giggling. "They tended to get into a lot of mischief in high school." They reached the door and knocked on it. A few moments later, the door was opened to reveal a lanky teen with long blond dreadlocks that had a red solo cup in his hand. Astrid took a big gulp of her drink. As her stomach became warm, she coughed, “Let’s get drunk off our asses. I want to really fuck hard. We need to cause I want to remember one reason we’re husband and wife.”.

Snotlout blinked as the cardboard case in his hand got snatched away by another. He watched his friend, Astrid, slide a beer bottle out of its slot. Even now, he still found this woman gorgeous with her long, golden strands flowing down her head like a waterfall. Her stunning, azure eyes and peach skin were also great features. Her eyes flickered to the snoring shadow in his corner, gulping when she remembered how the dragon had threatened her. No, she definitely couldn’t stay here. As quietly as she could, Astrid tiptoed toward the exit, wincing at the noises of the gate shifting open. Her eyes never left the sleeping forms, praying that they wouldn't wake up.