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Oct 27,  · The thoughts we have during sex aren't always "sexy." We polled women to see what they were thinking the last time they had Alison Feller. May 23,  · Even during an intensely passionate hookup, it's normal if your mind occasionally wanders. Here are some things every woman has thought about during Casey Gueren.

Apr 01,  · For proof, have a peek into the secret thoughts of more than 1, Women's Health readers while they're having sex. Here's your job: Read her . I made sure my face wasn’t showing, only my body. It was sexy knowing people found us sexy.” — Stella, “It’s weird. I’m usually a jealous person but for some reason the thought of my boyfriend getting turned on by another woman makes me wet. So we watched porn together. Well, he watched porn and I watched his reactions.

Nov 09,  · Whether it's picturing randoms having a seedy sexual encounter or what your girl crush looks like naked, you just can’t help where your mind wanders. In the recent AARP Sex, Romance, and Relationships survey, we found out that 25 percent of you have sexy thoughts or erotic dreams at least once a day, with 16 percent having them more than once a are more than five times as likely as women to say they have such thoughts. For example, 45 percent of men and just 8 percent of women say they have erotic thoughts once or more each day.

Jul 25,  · The women in the study answered questions about the emotions, thoughts and behaviors that typically play a role in being able to orgasm, during both sex and self-stimulation. The fantasy of the "threesome" with two women is regarded as ubiquitous among men, with some prevalence rates as high as 85 percent of males acknowledging a fantasy about such an event.