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Jun 15,  · The statistics and survey all its erotic stories online. An Erotic Story. home genres authors write a story Djian All the tales and the stats from the author. He wrote 4 erotic stories which have been read 1 4 6 2 6 9 times. Forced into a ghetto whore - Chapter 4 The rape, accurately filmed in all his lewdness and artfully camouflaged as a lewd. Trophy Wife 1 M/f bondage, rape, nc etc - Trophy Date: GMT. The Trophy Wife By [email protected] Warning: This file contains depictions of adult sexual situations.

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive - This directory hierarchy contains sexually-explicit, erotic stories involving alternative sexualities. pop (Added: Apr Hits: ) Understories by Djian - Stories collected by Djian. Blackmail, humiliation, domination, bondage and etc. pop (Added: Sep Hits: ). Stories, Series, and Universes by Vulgus at Storiesonline.

Molly becomes owned, and gets what she needd. Extreme BDSM, not for the weakhearted. Find the hottest nonconsensual stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about nonconsensual on Wattpad.

Blackmail stories, sexual or otherwise - Page 5 of 97 - - Storiesonline. A man buys a house in foreclosure as an investment. After completing the transaction and closing on the house he discovers the previous owners hiding in the house. Stories, Series, and Universes by Vulgus - Page 2 of 8 at Storiesonline. A Story in the Middlebury Chronicles Universe Childhood sweethearts marry and after college the husband gets his dream job.