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Jan 26,  · Jan 26,  · U.S. athletes Tommie Smith, center, and John Carlos raise gloved hands skyward during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner after Smith received the gold and Carlos the bronze for the meter. Jul 27,  · Jul 27,  · When two Black American track athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, won gold and bronze medals, respectively, for the meter sprint, each raised a black-gloved fist while standing on the.

Aug 12,  · The Man Behind the Fist: Olympic Icon Tommie Smith’s Enduring Protest Half a century after his defiant gesture alongside John Carlos at the . Jul 31,  · Raising a fist in protest isn’t new. In , sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos made the salute famous from an Olympic podium in Mexico City. But the gesture is even older than that, and.

Sep 24,  · Sep 24,  · U.S. Olympic gold medalist Tommie Smith, center, and his teammate John Carlos, who won bronze in the meter race, raise their fists during the U.S. national anthem at the Summer Games in. February 03, When record-breaking track and field athlete Tommie Smith raised his glove-covered, clenched right fist after accepting the gold medal for the meter dash at the Mexico City Olympics, he insisted it wasn’t a “black power” salute but a human rights salute.

Tommie C. Smith (born June 6, ) is an American former track & field athlete and former wide receiver in the American Football the Summer Olympics, Smith, aged 24, won the meter sprint finals and gold medal in seconds – the first time the second barrier was broken officially. His Black Power salute with John Carlos atop the medal podium to protest racism and. Sep 03,  · Sep 03,  · For 48 years, Tommie Smith has talked about the night he stood on the podium at the Summer Olympics, fist thrust skyward. He had won the meter sprint at the Mexico City Games, while his.