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My wife’s sister was staying with us for a few weeks while she was between places and one night I was pretty buzzed up and went into her room when she was supposedly sleeping. It was dark so I reached in and grabbed the most satiny feeling pair an. Mar 15,  · Confession # 06/15/ Addicted to sniffing used panties I don't how it came about but for years now I have been sniffing used panties which turns me on real hard I just love the aroma that they produce when there fresh and the women I chose were clean I had to pick when where and at the right time to get them right I have sniffed a few of my auntys my .

Caught Stealing my friends moms Panties. I am not a total perv. I don't make a life out of stealing panties. However, one day, I was over at my friends house. I was waiting for him to get home from school. His mom and I were the only ones there. I was about 17 at the time. They lived in a small house so there's only 2 bathrooms. Carefully, Janet began hanging the freshly laundered clothes she carried. First, a white blouse, two brassieres – a black one and a white one, and some nylon hosiery. And then a full length white slip, a pair of pale blue panties, and a pair of pink step-ins with open slits at the sides.